Friday, April 20, 2012

Thesis Packet

I finished up the construction for my thesis packet this past Tuesday!

It's a handmade hardbacked folder. Kind of like a hardback book, but instead of endpapers and signatures, it's got built in pockets which hold the four books that make up my thesis:

1. The Creeping Things

2. The Man Who Built Beirut (with a revised cover and new appendices!)

3. Two Stories (with a slightly modified cover to fit the color scheme)

4. Et Cetera (a collection of freelance and miscellaneous work).

The colors are little washed out in this photo, but believe me, they look preeeeeetty spiffy.


Anonymous said...

That's washed out?!

Looks great.

BW said...


Great news. I want to see the Creeping Things!