Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Two Stories Cover

I was in Montreal for ExpoZine this past weekend and had a blast! Saw wonderful things, stayed with friends and sold lots of comics. In addition to the first non-draft printing of The Man Who Built Beirut, I brought together "Squirrel" and "A Ghost" into a collection I called Two Stories. I even made a creepy self portrait for the cover!
I spent all of today screen printing another mask image. I'll post the one from last month and this new one soon.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Heads and Vans

Some new stuff for The Creeping Things. I've gotten to a good place with the script, and I spent this week working on the prep stuff for starting it. I decided to go with a different style than the one I'd used in these character concepts, so I redid the heads. I wasn't sure about the hairstyles, so I tried a few out:

After settling on a hair style for both of them, I did their head turns:

And finally, I roughed out a quick drawing of them standing to get a better idea of proportions and early costuming concepts.

A Volkswagon Vanagon also figured pretty prominently in the beginning of the story, so I did a some studies of one from a few different angles:

Right now I'm working on printing out two new mini-comics. The first is a revised edition of The Man Who Built Beirut, and the second one is a collection of A Ghost and Squirrel, both revised, with a sweet cover. I'll be hawking them up in Montreal at ExpoZine, along with a new screen print. I'll post some images once I'm done with the production.