Thursday, November 10, 2011

Heads and Vans

Some new stuff for The Creeping Things. I've gotten to a good place with the script, and I spent this week working on the prep stuff for starting it. I decided to go with a different style than the one I'd used in these character concepts, so I redid the heads. I wasn't sure about the hairstyles, so I tried a few out:

After settling on a hair style for both of them, I did their head turns:

And finally, I roughed out a quick drawing of them standing to get a better idea of proportions and early costuming concepts.

A Volkswagon Vanagon also figured pretty prominently in the beginning of the story, so I did a some studies of one from a few different angles:

Right now I'm working on printing out two new mini-comics. The first is a revised edition of The Man Who Built Beirut, and the second one is a collection of A Ghost and Squirrel, both revised, with a sweet cover. I'll be hawking them up in Montreal at ExpoZine, along with a new screen print. I'll post some images once I'm done with the production.

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