Thursday, February 3, 2011

Curse of the Sea Hag (part 2!)

The first big project we've had since the semester began is The Golden Age. We were split into groups of six, and had to finish, script to color printed issue, a facsimile of a 1940's golden age era genre comic under the eye of an editing member of the faculty. My group was High Seas genre themed under Jason Lutes. Our comic was called AVAST!: Curse of the Sea Hag. I wrote, thumbnailed and inked the following excerpt (part 2, pages 9 through 20). Bill Bedard pencilled, Nate Wootters also wrote, also thumbnailed and colored the ever loving hell out of it. The other people on my team (Amelia Onorato Donna Almendrala and Sean Knickerbocker) also had amazing section, and the whole thing turned out pretty great.

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