Friday, November 7, 2008

APE stuff

APE went reasonably well for a first time. Subjecting yourself to the rejection of hundreds of your peers was more punishing that I'd expected, though. The stuff I brought was:
• A printed collection of Bad Dreams, The Vacant Lot and Spring Heeled Jack under the title "Frown Town #1" (with more numbers to come, hopefully).
Tough Break as a standalone
• Silkscreened t-shirts of the Indrind Press logo (more on that later)
• Silkscreened t-shirts of a slightly reworked version of the villains panel in Bad Dreams
• Silkscreened prints of the Mad Bunny Mask and Gasmask
• Fort Ord, which I'll put up online one of these days, a collaboration with Steven Foundling

Steve and I shared a table and were publishing under the name "Indrind Press." Steve had a Morrissey/Edward Gorey mashup that was the runaway hit of our little table, and a minicomic about unicorns and babies. I've been kicking around the idea of making up an Indrind Press website, and hopefully selling off some of our overstock from the convention. Here's the logo I'd whipped up three weeks ago for the products:

And higher rez images of the two masks:

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